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VSI endorses Ian Peak


The Vermin Supreme Institute is pleased to endorse Ian Peak for State Representative in Illinois’ 115th district.

Mr. Peak promises to bring about positive change for the people of Illinois. He is fully supportive of strong criminal justice reform, and stands in total opposition to the culture of violence that surrounds policing. Peak believes, as we do at the Institute, that people are best-off when they own their lives and their labor.

Peak has a real focus on repairing Illinois’ broken, unfunded pension system. As it stands, Illinois taxpayers are left footing the bill for a massive shortfall in the system, all while public sector employees are dealt empty promises and hung out to dry. He further supports ending corporate subsidies, and believes that the Illinois government should not be giving hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars to companies while it has outstanding vendor invoices of over $14 billion.

Mr. Peak would encourage productive, vital employees to move to Illinois by guaranteeing occupational licensing reciprocity with other states, to ensure new residents don’t have to jump through hoops and go out-of-pocket for fees before they can begin contributing to Illinois’ economy. 

Peak has pledged to use Portugal’s radical drug decriminalization model as an example for Illinois to follow, and would introduce legislation to treat first-time drug offenders medically rather than criminally. He plans to make cannabis “as legal as” beer and wine.

An advocate for fiscal responsibility, Peak would first look to balance the budget by eliminating wasteful spending and inefficiencies, as well as identifying services the government provides that could be offered independent of the government. He forcefully opposes tax hikes. 

For those reasons, and Mr. Peak’s compassion, empathy, and thoughtfulness addressing the issues Illinois’ residents face, we at the Vermin Supreme Institute proudly endorse Ian Peak.

The above writing is a message from the Vermin Supreme Institute, and was not paid for or authorized by any party, candidate, or candidate’s committee.

You can click to donate to Ian’s campaign.

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