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Dave Jones

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I have been involved in politics since I was in elementary school, I wrote political comedy sketches that my teachers let me perform to the class based off of the farcical nature of the presidential debates that I watched as a kid. I worked for my first presidential campaign when I was in high school and voted in my first presidential election as a senior in high school. I marched and protested against war, against racism and for LGBTQ rights. In 2016 I became the chair of the Coffee County Libertarian Party here in Tennessee growing it’s numbers and bringing a huge delegation to our state convention that year. During the state convention I ran for and won the Secretary position for the Libertarian Party of Tennessee serving with my mentor and friend Liberty Claus Tom Arnold. I then moved on to become regional chair for the Whiskey Region here in Tennessee, a position that I still hold. I worked with the Vermin Supreme/Spike Cohen campaign serving first as their Tennessee State Coordinator where I developed one of the largest of the Vermin Supreme for President Facebook pages, then Coordinator over the entire Southeast and eventually as Deputy Campaign Manager. I had the honor of planning the Vermin Supreme event in Nashville where Vermin announced my friend Spike Cohen as his running mate. Spike would go on to win the nomination of Vice President of the Libertarian Party.


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