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Post Election Roundup!

How'd we do? A look back at our candidates this year.


As the dust settles, and the votes from last week are counted, I am happy to report that Disrupt The Vote had some incredible candidates outperform all expectations, and while we aren’t notching our first win just yet, records were broken in races all around the country. 

In Nebraska, state legislature candidate Mercadies Damratowski netted 24% of the general election vote- which I believe is the best finish for an LP candidate in NE state legislature history. 

In Illinois, Ian Peak and Sasha Cohen outperformed, with Ian receiving 8% of the votes in state house district 115, establishing the LP as a major party, and Sasha receiving one in four votes, a record for any third party candidate for a position in Dekalb county. 

In New Hampshire, Richard Manzo, already an elected Libertarian, ran a fantastic campaign for county treasurer, while managing Nick Sarwarks campaign for county attorney as well. Each race came in around 5%

And in Texas we had an absolutely incredible result. Freyja Odinsdottir, a Green Party write-in candidate for Sheriff in Denton County, TX, earned over 16,000 write in votes! Write in campaigns are notoriously difficult, and Green party candidates aren’t known for getting large numbers of votes for anything in Texas, and yet Freyja garnered over 16,000. We couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishment, and are excited to see what she does next!

As Political Director of the Vermin Supreme Institute, I want to express my gratitude to every candidate that ran, every donor, and every volunteer that made calls, sent texts, designed graphics, scheduled events, and more. As we take a few moments to enjoy a break post November election though, we are immediately looking forward. 

So, if you are thinking about running for office in 2021, for a municipal race, a county race, or for any other position, reach out to us. We’re looking to back a group of fantastic candidates, and elect some incredible people. All we ask is that you be ready to disrupt the political infrastructure, and make a real change. 

Email us if you’d like to run at

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