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Today, May 1st, is Labor Day

Today, May 1st, is Labor Day. “Now wait,” I hear you say. “Labor Day is in September!” Some of you may be aware of where

Chapter 10: Aftermath

May 5, 1886. The next morning, word of the prior evening’s events were relayed, lip to ear, so that by noon the whole town was

Chapter 8: Embitterment

The workers began chanting and raising their fists in unison, as Fieldman yelled from the stage, “THIS IS A PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY!”

Chapter 7: Labor’s Love Lost

There was no mistaking their gaze. It was the look of betrayal. Little did I know that by the end of the evening that followed, we would earn it.

Chapter 6: Marching On

This was the second day in Albert’s life in which he had been both threatened with lynching and thrown down a flight of stairs. The first time was by Klansmen in the South, for the sin of encouraging freed slaves to register to vote; now it was happening in the North for encouraging wage slaves to unionize.

WWI German soldiers decorate a Christmas Tree inside their trench

A Christmas Miracle

The willingness of those soldiers to put aside their weapons in the spirit of goodwill towards each other shows the power we all have when faced with the evils of the world. We have the ability to stop the bloodshed, reflect, and spread grace and kindness, even in the midst of unspeakable horror.


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