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Author: Chris Rogers

Mutual Aid in Reno, NV

There should be no entry bar to getting aid because you never know what that aid might do. That pair of socks and a warm coat might just be what spawns the hope needed to help someone change their fate.

WWI German soldiers decorate a Christmas Tree inside their trench

A Christmas Miracle

The willingness of those soldiers to put aside their weapons in the spirit of goodwill towards each other shows the power we all have when faced with the evils of the world. We have the ability to stop the bloodshed, reflect, and spread grace and kindness, even in the midst of unspeakable horror.

Help us Help YOU!

This is a great project that seeks to highlight, promote, and support people or organizations that are performing truly beautiful acts of kindness, direct action, compassionate activism, or mutualism.

Drive by Charity

One Dallas, TX resident has taken an entirely different approach that is turning heads and warming hearts in the homeless community.

NYC Police use LRAD against protestors

LRAD: The Sound of Oppression

LRADs or Long-Range Acoustic Devices, are communications tools and non-lethal weapons that are employed by the military and militarized police forces the world over.


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